Child Safety Rules Every Parent Should Enforce

image of safety rules for children playing outside and with friends.
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In this post you will learn the child safety rules that every parent should enforce. Although this is directed generally for older children, I have some great advice on child safety rules for younger children as well. I encourage you to read this and pass this it along to any parent that may be struggling in this area.

Why it's Important to Teach Your Children These Basic Child Safety Rules

Borders and boundaries are extremely important for our mental and physical well being. In this day and age I do NOT see enough parent’s taking the time to teach their children the child safety skills they need. Just like there are laws for adults, there has to be limits for children. If we do not teach our children how to follow borders and boundaries they will have a very difficult time as an adult when they are forced to follow the rules in place by the government.

If you are nurse, you cannot perform surgery. You must stay within your scope of practice unless you want to be sued. Children cannot do whatever they want either, they have to stay within safe limits.

We have to protect our children from the evil things in this world. We not only have to protect them, we have to teach them HOW to protect themselves. You will not always be there to guard them. So, in order for them to learn how to stay safe in different situations they have to have freedom and responsibility to implement them.

My daughters are 13 and 11 right now. My husband and I STILL teach them safety rules. You cannot teach them when they are little and then just stop. I see a lot of parents doing this as well. We have to teach them to stay safe in all situations by giving them the tools they need to figure it out for themselves. Do you children know how to stay safe from a child predator? Do they know what to do if they cannot find their way home? What if your child finds themselves in a situation with dangerous people? Will they know what to do then?

I home school my children which gives me a great advantage. I get to teach them the other things I think are important. I think that physical and mental child safety are VERY important. I create my own survival and safety courses and am able to instruct them one on one to make sure that they understand. 

My girls know how to start a fire, follow a compass, evaluate types of people and dangerous situations. These social skills are not taught often enough by today’s parents or our public school system, if at all. 

As a homeschooling mom, I am also thankful to not have to worry about them getting off the school bus, walking to school or open campus lunch programs. These circumstances are frequently where kidnappings happen. 


Child Safety Rules for Going Outside to Play

Child Safety Rules for Little Kids

1. Do not go where we cannot see you.

2. Do not go where you can not hear me call your name.

3. Stay close to the house.


4. I set boundaries to where they were allowed to ride their bikes or scooters.


5. They are not allowed to go into someone’s house without asking me first.


6. They cannot play in someone else’s house unless I meet their parents and approve them.


7. If a stranger talks to them they are not allowed to answer them.


8. Small children should never be allowed to open the door when someone knocks.

If a small child answers the door a stranger could easily be let in to your house. The child could easily be taken.



9. Small children should not be allowed to answer the phone unless you’re standing right there. 


10. They are not allowed to go outside without asking first. 

We all know that little kids don’t always follow that rule. I know I’ve had children sneak out the door the second I looked away. Some children are escape artists and disappear every chance they get! One time, my daughter hid in the clothes rack at the store and wouldn’t answer us for 20 minutes! Is your child like that?



The Smart Watch for Kids is a great way to help keep your children safe. 
This smart watch has a GPS feature, allowing you to find your child if they have wandered off. This is great for large events with lots of people or theme parks. 
It has a distress button, where you or your child can speak to you immediately by just the simple press of a button.

What’s better? You can disable this watch to not work during certain times…like during school. Although it does include games, you can rest assured that they won’t be playing them when they’re supposed to be learning!

Child Safety Rules for Being Away From the House

 1. They must take the pepper spray with them if they’re going out of site. 

For us, this is very necessary but it may not apply to you. We live in an area highly populated with bear, cougar, wolves, foxes and coyotes so pepper spray is a must in my opinion. Living next to a park like we do, there are a lot of strangers around all the time. In an dangerous situation, pepper spray may be their only chance. I have one specifically for the kids and I have one that is on my key ring. It has a great safety lock feature so you cannot accidentally set it off. It can also spray 25 feet away! It also comes in plain black, pink or this beautiful blue so everyone can have one to fit their style. 

My husband loves how he can easily snap it on and off when he wants to use my keys. 

My daughter takes our dogs for a walk everyday and she has one hooked to her little purse. There are some vicious dogs at the park that go after smaller dogs. (We have small dogs.) The other day, these dogs attacked my neighbors poor little dachshund and tore her all up. 

This pepper spray is so easy, safe and convenient to use…even for children.

It’s hard for me to let them go out of my site because in my mind they are still my little girls. How can I protect them if I can see them? Well, I can’t. The only thing I can do is set rules, teach them the best I can, give them tools to handle themselves and pray for their protection. 

If you choose to allow your child pepper spray, you need to be positive they are responsible enough to handle it. My daughters have been drilled on this! They know there will be SERIOUS consequences if it is ever used for any reason other than an emergency. I know I can trust them with it and they know not to break that trust ever  or they will lose their freedoms of going off without me. That’s all any of us can do as parents.


A Personal Alarm

If pepper spray is not a good choice for your family you may like The Vigilant Personal Alarm Keychain or The Vigilant Personal Alarm Watch. It is loud enough to scare an animal or a child predator. I have one of these and let me tell you what…they are deafening. They’re perfect to attach to your keys, purse, backpack or even your belt loop. They have a secret off button to make it hard for a predator to turn it off quickly. If you or your child gets lost, they can simply turn it on and you will be able to hear them from a much further distance. It is easy to get turned around on a nature trail or by taking a wrong street. I have the vigilant key chain personal alarm but i would love to get the watch personal alarm for my kids too. That would make it a lot easier for my daughter to ride her bike. Right now, she just hooks it to her bike or puts it in her little bike basket.


h2. Stay on the trails only. Stay on the main streets that you know.

This is so they do not get lost or find themselves in terrain they can’t get out of. It is important to let your children wander around some. They have to learn how to navigate themselves, to be responsible for where they go. They have to mentally think in order to find their way back home. When you make a child think it through, they are more likely to remember it than if they were just told. If they’re thinking, they’re learning.

 We, as parents have to trust that they will understand WHY we make these rules. We don’t always have to explain ourselves. (You know…the “because I said so” thing.) I do believe that if we feel called to do so, we should explain to them why we make certain rules. If you explain to them that there are dangers out there that they need to be prepared for they will also set boundaries on themselves out of self preservation.

We don’t want to scare our children. As their parents it is our job to educate them. If you don’t teach them how to play the game then they can never win.

Tell them to always watch their surrounding so they won’t get lost. It would be wise for you to walk with them down unfamiliar roads and paths that surround the places they want to go. While you are driving or walking you can start a conversation and point out landmarks that are easy for them to remember. Don’t just go on one road, walk down all the surrounding ones so if they do accidentally take a wrong turn or try to take a short cut they will know where they’re at even if they don’t take that road often.

Example: Wow, look at that big tree next to the sign. It’s so crooked it looks like it’s going to fall over! How do you think that happened? You are pointing out things for them to remember and they’re having to think about it which will MAKE them remember.

In my example, I pointed out the crooked tree. Then, I asked them to look at it. Finally, I asked them to think WHY it was that way. This is you teaching your children how to observe and analyze their surroundings. The best part is that you are teaching them skills they need without them knowing what you’re doing. Kid’s learn better when you don’t openly tell them that you’re teaching them but just teach them instead.


3. They are not allowed to wander too far from the house.

There are miles upon miles of trails and they could easily get lost. I would have no idea where to even begin to  look for them. Not only that, there are predators out there. There are child predators and animals predators. At public places like parks it is very easy for child predators to kidnap a child especially if he/she is alone. If they stay close to the house I can easily pinpoint where to  start looking for them if they don’t check in on time.

2,000 children go missing everyday in the US alone!  With statistics like that, we need to educate our children and take extra measures to ensure their safety.

4. They must tell us exactly where they are going.

This is pretty much the same scenario as #3. The only difference is I know what direction they went in proximity to the house. Usually it goes something like this: “Mom, can I go outside and ride my bike?” “Sure, where are you gonna ride?” “I wanna ride around the loop by the little store.” “Alright, just let me know if you’re gonna go somewhere else.” “*eye roll*…..I KNOW, Mooom!”

5. My girls must stay together. 

This rule I have allowances for. Everyone needs some alone time, so I make  it a priority to allow them to have some time to take a walk alone. 

Recently, my oldest daughter went on a bike ride alone. Well, she went by herself this time and ended up riding a little too far. She took her camera with her to take some beautiful nature pictures. She walked down off the trail to a little creek, lost her footing, fell and hit her head on a rock. 

I was feeding the baby when I got a call from a random number. Usually, I ignore calls I don’t know and then check the voicemail to see if it was important or not. This time I felt like I needed to pick it up. It was a strange man telling me he had found my daughter at the park, she fell and hit her head on a large rock. 

I panicked and left right away. I thought she was close but she wasn’t….she went a different way than she said she would and I couldn’t find her. I looked exactly where she said she was going to be and she wasn’t there. My husband’s truck was in the shop so he had my SUV. It wouldn’t have made a difference anyway since she was on a trail. 

Since she wasn’t where she said she was going to be, I had to look somewhere else. I had no idea which direction to start looking. I had to walk frantically with my little baby all over the woods until I finally found her. Luckily my younger daughter spotted her just as I started walking in the wrong direction trying to find her. She couldn’t hear me calling because the creek water was so loud. It took me over 20 minutes to find her! If I wasn’t so scared I would have been maaadddd. (She did get a little lecture later about the rules again.) I wish she would have taken the personal alarm with her but both of us forgot that day. I will never let her forget that again.

THIS is why I make these rules…she already knew why I made the rules because I explained it to her. It wasn’t until this happened that it really hit her (No pun intended) as to WHY these rules really are for her own good. 

The other day this sort of things happened again. She was walking down a long wooded trail and heard gun shots right next to her. There was a group of men in the woods shooting BB guns. She ran all the way home. This was the perfect time to reiterate why I make these rules to begin with.

The point is, don’t just make rules, EXPLAIN to them why you make them. Remember, you can tell them until you’re blue in the face but they have to learn these things on their own. That is why freedom with boundaries is so important.

6. The girls have to take a watch with them so they know when they should come back.

I don’t always make them take a watch but it does help. Usually, I just tell them they need to come check in after a little while. All they have to do is say that they’re checking in and then tell me where they want to go next. They usually know when they’ve been gone for too long. If they get distracted I just remind them to check in sooner next time.


8. If they ever get lost, stay in one place so we can come find them.

The number one way people get deeply lost is because they get a little turned around and start wandering around trying to find their way back but only find themselves more lost than they began. Teach your children never to do this. If they find themselves turned around and cannot easily find where they came from just sit down and wait. 

You or search and rescue will find them a lot easier. Finding a stationary object is a lot easier than chasing after one.

If people who hike all the time still get lost, your child can too. Over 2,000 people go missing while hiking each year. Your child could be one of them.

9. They still are not allowed to go outside without asking.

If I’m asleep or in the shower they need to wait to go outside or at least ask me first. If something were to happen, I need to know that they went outside to begin with. I also need to be available to help them right away and I cannot do that if I’m naked in the shower…

I learned this the hard way…my youngest daughter fell off her bike and skinned her whole leg and pulled a muscle in her foot. I was in the shower when her sister came in yelling that Gracie had gotten hurt. I had to jump out halfway through my shower with soap still in my hair to carry her in the house and bandage her up.

10. They have to come in before dark.

I remember having the same rule when I was a child. Car drivers cannot see children playing very well in the dark. Crime activity is also very high at night.



The examples I just used DO NOT only apply to going to play at a park or walking in the woods, they also apply to meandering around the neighborhood or in town. You can apply these same rules to your children no matter where you live or let them play.

It’s up to you to keep them safe and give them the tools they need to keep themselves safe.
If you don’t do it…no one will. 

Child Safety Rules for Hanging Out With Friends

***90% of kidnapped/sexually abused children are victimized by someone they KNOW***


1. I must have a phone number where they can be reached.

2. I must meet the parents of their friends.

3. I need to know where they will be and where they’ll be if they plan to leave.

4. We have a set time on when they will return.

5. There has to be some level of trusted adult supervision.We let them walk around the mall with friends if we are there too. We may be in the lounge drinking coffee while they go to a clothing store. They can go to another store if they want they just have to check in with us first. If I’m grocery shopping they can go look at clothes, jewelry or toys and I will meet them back there or they will meet me when they’re done.  It has to be a balance between freedom and responsibility. We really will only leave them if we will be close by or if they under the supervision of a trusted adult, like a youth group leader. They can have freedom, they just have to check in with us every so often.

Of course as our children get older we will have to allow them to have more freedom like letting them hang out at the mall without us. At 11 and 13…I don’t find that completely appropriate just yet. 


6. If they want to go into someone’s house, I need to know where the house IS and have met the parents a few times to get a clear idea of their aura.

I’m NOT going to let them hang out with their friends if the parents are drug addicts or something. I just won’t. If they want to be friends with someone who has bad parents, then the child can come to OUR house or we can go mini golfing or something. 

You should not punish a child for the sins of the parents. It’s not their fault that their parents do drugs, drink too much alcohol or are creepy. 

Do NOT put your child in questionable situations with questionable people. This is how they become targets to child predators. They also may find themselves in situations where the peer pressure to do something bad is too much for them to bear. 

7. If they want to go to someplace like the skating ring for example; I will leave them the prepaid flip phone to call me if they need me.

Like, I said before there has to be some wiggle room to some of these rules. I usually don’t leave them alone but when I do I make sure that they can call me if they need me or I can call them in an emergency.

8. I take them where they want to go most of the time. They’re only allowed to drive with some of their friend’s parents-the one’s who I know aren’t going to drive drunk or something.

If they want to hang out at the roller rink, then I will drive them there and pick them up. I know I am a good driver. I know I will do everything I can to keep them safe. There are times I let people from church drive them or youth group leaders but most of the time I drive them.

The hard part is, that my kids don’t always agree or want to comply with these rules. It can be very hard to be a good mom. It is a true statement that kids cut their teeth on their parents. My kids often get annoyed with my rules like this. I know that I’m doing the right thing for the right reasons. With that being said, I have a great book for you moms out there who struggle with wanting to be the “nice” and not strict but still wanting to do what’s right even though it’s hard.

I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!! It’s called Mean Moms rule!!!

 Book Quote-

Denise Schipani shares her secret to being a 'Mean Mom,' and why it's better for your kids–and for you–in the long run." ―Jen Singer, author You're a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren't So Bad Either)

"'Mean' moms make kids learn to do things for themselves from making breakfast to finding inner peace. I'm hoping I'm a little meaner myself after reading this book." ―Lenore Skenazy, founder of the book and blog Free–Range Kids

"I've chosen to be the kind of mother I feel is best, and that kind of mother is mean."


And mean moms prepare their kids for the world, not the world for their kids, raising children into adults who know how to make themselves happy.

Mean Moms Rule.
And their kids benefit



After you have read Mean Moms Rule…You can join the Mean Moms Club which is a step by step guide to raising your kids right.



I also love this one-

Are you a mean mom? Are there any special rules you have made to keep your children safe? Why did you make that specific rule? Did something happen to make you decide that you need to create this rule? Be sure to comment at the bottom and let me know!

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