24 Pack 1ML Amber Glass Dropper Bottle 1/4 Dram


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24 Pack 1ML (1/4 Dram) amber glass dropper bottle for essential oils with an orifice reducer. These are perfect for samples and travel. This 24 pack is made of amber glass to ensure your essential oils are not exposed to UV rays from the sun. The orifice reducer ensures your oils do not become damaged by oxidization.

Help grow your essential oil business by passing out samples. There is no better way than to try before you buy! People love free gifts, don’t be caught without one!

Compacity: 1ML

Comes With:

  • 24 Count 1ML (1/4 Dram) Amber Glass Dropper Bottles with Orifice Reducer
  • 1 Count 3ML Pipette
  • 1 Roller Bottle Tool
  • 1 Small Funnel