Do Essential Oils Really Work When Taken Internally?

Is it safe to take essential oils internally? Let’s see what the experts say…

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Consuming Essential Oils

This is a subject of great debate.

Is it safe to take essential oils internally? Can consuming essential oils cause internal damage?

You are either for it or against it. It seems to me that there is valid arguments on both sides. The issue really lies upon evidence based clinical studies and source of information. I believe many people come to their own conclusions without resourcing creditable professionals. We must also consider the laws that these professionals must follow to be compliant. The FDA, CDC and other governing bodies such as these must look out for the population as a whole. In doing this it is always wise to err on the side of caution for the best interest of the entirety. That being said, the decision to consume essential oils and essential oil infused products needs to be a personal decision. I highly encourage you to do your own research and consult your physician.


Here is what the essential oil experts say:

The general consensus seems to be that it is okay to take essential oils internally as long as the specific oils you take are approved to be taken internally and you do so, with caution and care. 

This belief (to consume essential oils internally) is considered the French Model which is opposite of the English Model whom opposes the internal use of essential oils. The French Model is more of a whole person approach compared to the English Model which is more of a disease/ailment approach. For example, it’s the difference between a Certified Midwife or an OBGYN. The Midwife cares for the woman as a whole (Mind and body directly affect each other.h ) and the OBGYN cares for the condition (The physical effects of pregnancy). Does that make sense? ***No, this is not to say that OBGYN’s do not care for the woman or her feelings or do not see things with a holistic approach…this just is an example of the different approaches that these highly educated professionals choose. 

Since essential oils are HIGHLY concentrated forms of plant matter, common sense tells us to be careful and not take consume too much. Despite today’s highly concentrated form; essential oils have been used internally, topically and aromatically for thousands of years. Plain.and.simple. It has been said, it is the DOSAGE that makes the poison. This can be true for all things including essential oils. Yes, you can ingest too many essential oils. Yes, there are some oils that should be taken cautiously. Yes, there are some oils that should be avoided or used sparingly if you suffer from certain conditions. This is the part where you must do your own research. You and your doctor know your physical and mental body and what you can or cannot handle. Yes, it is GENERALLY safe to take essential oils but there are always exceptions to this rule.

The FDA has approved certain essential oils safe to take internally. In order for the FDA to approve the oil as safe for internal consumption, it has to be label specifically for internal use. Young Living’s Vitality Line is approved by the FDA as safe and non toxic for internal consumption. They are classified as GRAS; this stands for “Generally Regarded as Safe.” Again, it is the dosage that makes the poison. Remember, not all essential oils follow the same standards of purity as Young Living Essential Oils. It is not recommended that you consume any other brand of essential oils as they may not be pure or high quality like Young Living ensures.


The people who are weary about ingesting essential oils, don’t realize that we actually ingest essential oils all the time. There is a grade of essential oils called Food Grade. There are essential oils in toothpaste, candies, flavoring, soups and all kinds of other things. These essential oils are not certified at a quality grade just because they are considered “food grade.” Food Grade essential oils in itself does not determine that it is safe to consume them. They are considered flavoring or perfumes and have not met the rigorous standards like Young Living has. Remember just because you CAN eat something…does not mean you should.  There are so many monstrous ingredients in our foods that are not safe yet are still approved to be considered food. 

If you are going to consume something so powerful and highly concentrated such as essential oils, you need to make sure you are ingesting true high quality like Young Living Essential Oils. It takes between 50-75 lemons to create a bottle of Lemon essential oil…imagine how much highly concentrated poison you are consuming if they have been sprayed with pesticides! Young Living uses essential oils to deter pests…not poison chemicals. 


So, is it safe to consume essential oils? Yes, it is. There is a lot of unfounded fears around consuming essential oils. This mostly derives from the English Model and the lack of knowledge surrounding the beneficial properties of essential oils. 

So, here is what the experts in essential oils say about safe internal consumption.

According to The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy it is encouraged to take essential oils internally if you follow safe guidelines. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy is the governing body that determines the safety and scope of practice for Certified Aromatherapists and all things essential oils. 

*Of course, you need to be seen by your own personal physician before making any changes or additions to your health routine.

The guidelines from The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy are as follows, “Essential oils may be applied to the skin (dermal application), inhaled, diffused or taken internally. Each of these methods have safety issues which need to be considered.”

This means that YES IT IS SAFE TO CONSUME ESSENTIAL OILS AS LONG AS YOU TAKE THE PROPER PRECAUTIONS! You need to know where your essential oils come from, how the plants are grown, what process is used to retrieve the oils from the plants and what exactly is in the bottles of essential oils you buy. This is impossible with nearly all of the essential oil companies today, just like it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what is in the food on the grocery store shelf.

D. Gary Young…the creator and founder of Young Living promoted safe internal consumption practices. There is an entire line of products called Vitality Essential Oils, that are approved by the FDA as safe for consumption. Peppermint Vitality for example, is the peppermint oil labeled specifically for internal consumption. Dr. Eric Z also supports the safe consumption of Essential Oils. Many other respectable professionals also promote the safe use of essential oils internally as long as they are using in safe dosages and with the proper knowledge. Essential oils have been used internally for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. When you take cough medicine, you are taking essential oils…BUT do you know where or how those oils were made? Do you know if they were sprayed with pesticides? Do you know if the land they were grown on has any left over toxins in the soil? What about the water they were given? What about the air that surrounds them? No, you don’t but with Young Living, you do. Read here, why Young Living is different and what quality control standards they ensure.

The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy is one of the oldest schools for Aromatherapy and even they support use of essential oils internally if you follow the safety guidelines.

According to these professional institutes, the best way to take essential oils internally is to dilute them in a carrier oil before consumption. Especially, the “hot” oils such as cinnamon and oregano. These oils can cause a burning sensation in your body or on your body. Citrus oils can also burn your mouth or esophagus when swallowed because of the high acidity. Not only does using a carrier oil ensure you do not get burnt, it also helps your body absorb them better.

It is of the utmost importance that you ensure the essential oils you consume are of the highest quality available. Since essential oils are highly concentrated, if they have been sprayed with pesticides or extracted with chemical solvents then you are also consuming very highly concentrated pesticides. You would not drink a bottle of pure poison would you? No, then do not use low quality, adulterated, solvent extracted essential oils.

Word of Warning When taking Essential Oils Internally

Children and babies should never take essential oils internally unless approved by your pediatrician. Some essential oil infused drinks or supplements such as Ningxia Red are approved as safe for children to consume. Please do your own research, make your own decision and speak to your pediatrician or physician before adding to or changing your health care routine.

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Disclaimer: None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. Essential Oils and Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or illnesses. Read full disclaimer here.

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