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Why Talking to your Child about Child Predators is Important

Children are naturally very trusting. In their minds all adults are there to help them. Children are designed to rely on adults to care for them. There is a reason behind the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” That is a true statement! The problem is that not every village member has good intentions when it comes to your child. The fact that there are bad people out there is a very abstract thought for a child to understand. It goes against their very nature. Knowing this, we must learn how to talk to our children about child predators in a way that they understand.

Matthew 18:3 says, “Assuredly, I say to you, that unless you change and become as little children you will be no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Why does the Bible say this? The dictionary says childlike is meek, submissive and dutiful. Children can easily be persuaded to do what an adult wants…even if it is bad. They can easily be victimized.


I’m not sure there really is a “right” time to explain to them that there are bad people that want to hurt you out there. I don’t think this conversation needs to be done in one in depth conversation. I believe it should be introduced in small doses. Everything needs to be in moderation, including explaining the evil in this world.

If we do not tell our children that there are child predators out there…they will never know until it’s too late. If we are going to send our soldiers out to war, we need to give them weapons to fight. Knowledge is power, the best power you can give your child to fight the bad people of this world.

How to Talk to Your Children About Child Predators

Children learn best through repetition. That is why younger children are called parrots, they repeat everything you say. They are practicing and that helps them learn. We must begin by using this to our advantage. Teaching our children about child predators must begin when they are in the parrot stage. If they are any younger than that, they just won’t understand.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying…you should start teaching them about SAFETY when they are old enough to understand. I believe you should NOT teach them about predators until they are in the parrot stage and can start to practice what you say.

For example; Tell your young toddler DO NOT talk to people without asking Mommy first. Do NOT tell them that they could be kidnapped and tortured. 

Keep it simple.

How to Start a Conversation About Child Predators...Without Starting a Conversation About Child Predators

The number one safety rule parents tell their children is… “Don’t talk to strangers.” So, we will start there. 

Instead of telling them that, tell them they have to ask you first so you can make sure the person is nice.

This slowly introduces the fact to them that the person may NOT be nice. Remember, this goes against their very nature so it has to be in baby steps.

I have an amazing article about this called, Why Stranger Danger isn’t Good Enough Anymore! I really hope you can take the time to read it. It is full of examples of what you should say to your child to start introducing these abstract concepts to them. 

Children learn best by example. When they not only see something being done but are able to be apart of it as well they learn a lot faster. This means that we need to use examples in everyday life to teach them. 


How To Not Scare Your Children

There is such a fine line between introducing your child to the concept of evil people…and not scaring them. I believe there should be a HEALTHY dose of fear involved BUT we do not want to terrify them and give them nightmares, do we? 

Your child in not invincible. He/she needs to know that. You need to know that. It is just a fact of life that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Explain to your child that even though there are bad people in this world…you are there to protect them. You give tell them these things to make sure they can stay safe. They have to follow these rules in order for them to stay safe.

A child needs security. Period. You have to give them knowledge and security. 



Before talking to your child about child predators, I believe it is best for you to do some further research if you feel so inclined. The best way to do that is to try to understand the mind of a pedophile.
Below, is a book called, Conversations With a Child Predator. This book is an unedited account of a man who abused thousands of boys. He relieves his thoughts, motives and tactics that he used to lure and abuse children. It is very informative and an amazing educational resource to protect your children.


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