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Pros and Cons of Young Living Essential oils.

If you’re interested in helping your family with their health and getting rid of toxins from your home, then Young Living Essential Oils are for you. The best part is that they don’t only sell essential oils, they sell products for all aspects of your life; Soaps, Laundry Detergent, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Baby Care Items…everything. You can buy their completed products…or use their oils and make your own! If you want to know how you can start buying Young Living products click here. Young Living products are safe, effective, healthy and you can even earn FREE products every month. The best part is: you can also earn money just for sharing how Young Living has helped your family. You get a big thank you check from Young Living every time you share!


Young Living has branded the term “Pure Therapeutic Grade” essential oils. Never before has this been done within the essential oil industry.

Why did Young Living do this?

The FDA does not regulate the purity of essential oils. In order to be labeled as an essential oil it only has to contain 10% plant oil. That is not pure, that is partial! The FDA does not account for HOW the essential oil was produced either. 

Young Living was the first company to take the step and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 

Young Living wanted people to know the truth about essential oils. The truth is that most essential oil companies do NOT offer pure oils like their labels say. They offer oils that were extracted using chemical solvents or distilled with extremely high heat. Both of these things destroy any purity and health benefits that the plant naturally offers. 

Most companies label their products as being 100% pure, all natural ingredients but really only contain the bare minimum of 10% “essential” oil. They add vegetable oils; called “filler oils” to increase the longevity of the real essential oil. Why can they get away with this? Are plants natural? Yes…so they say “all  natural.” Is it an oil? Yes, filler oils still come from plants, just not always the plant they say. It is theraputic grade? Sure, anything that makes you feel good can be considered therapy. 



The FDA also does not regulate what deems all natural essential oils. This means that even though the label states pure, all natural essential oils they really have been sprayed with pesticides, adulterated in a laboratory or spread thin with brain cell killing chemicals. 

Often times, companies use a laboratory to dissect the oils and extract only the aroma from them. That way the oil smells like peppermint but it’s really only the scent mixed with a synthetic carrier oil. There are no healthful factors at all. This makes a small crop of peppermint go a lot farther for a little amount of money. 

Most essential oil companies buy their oils from an foreign oil broker and may not actually even know what they are buying. They also do not pay the workers fair wages or regulate the way the workers are treated.


Cheap, grocery store essential oils sounds like a great option for families on a budget but they are actually very harmful. The cheap synthetic oils can also contain carcinogens which are substances within an ingredient known to cause cancer. Essential Oils from the grocery store are made from the “left over” plant material. This is the same concept for perfumes and all the perfumery companies. Perfume companies buy the left overs and sell it to other companies like dish soap companies and air freshener companies. Essential oils are far more than just perfume or air fresheners. They contain chemical constituents that can improve your health!

After flowers have been drowned in a toxic chemical solvent, there is dirty water left over. This water smells very good. Brokers know this, so they sell what is called, “garbage water” to perfume companies, essential oil companies, cleaning supply companies…and unfortunately even food companies. This is terrible for you! You are putting pure poison on your body just because it smells good!

As you can see, it is very important to know what is in your essential oils. If you are going to make a healthy change for your family, make an educated decision. Buy from a company that is transparent, a company that actually cares about your families health. Give your family the life they deserve; free of poison. 


Why Young Living is Different Than Other Essential Oil Companies

Young Living does not spray their plants with pesticides like other companies do. They use essential oils to control pests! Their crops are weeded and harvested by hand.  Young Living buys farms all over the world and offer employment to the indigenous people giving them the option to bring in an income for their families at fair wages.  They ensure that their farming partners are treated kindly and fairly.

The farms that Young Living owns are completely clean. Before any farm land is purchased, Young Living’s scientists go to the land and test for soil contamination. They look at what that land has been used for; all the way back 100 years. They survey the surrounding land to make sure that even it does not contain any type of pollution. They test the water sources and the air quality. 


Young Living monitors the farming process regularly to ensure that their plants are grown, maintained and harvested using their high standards.

As harvest time approaches, Young Living sends out their team of scientists to take samples from their crops. The scientists go out every hour of the day and take more samples. They chart their samples on a line chart and watch as the plant reaches it peak of healthful benefits. They slowly watch the chart go up and up and up until it starts to level out and THEN they send everyone out to harvest. After harvest, they keep testing to ensure their crop was harvested at the peak of perfection….then they test it again and again at a third party laboratory.

Young Living offers hundreds of products and essential oils…none of those products contain any ingredients that are harmful…EVER. They offer the majority of their products as vegan (some products contain beeswax), all of them being vegetarian. They do not test on animals. Young Living’s products are Non GMO, paraben free, no artificial colors or preservatives…they don’t include any harmful ingredients because they care.

Young Living created their own standard in a world where there wasn’t one, an industry standard never done before. They decided to be completely open so all customers could trust that their products are pure. Today, most people don’t really know what’s in the products they buy or where their products come from, Young Living has changed that. They have created a trustworthy reputation because they have allowed people to see all aspects of the company. As a member, you are even allowed to visit their farms and participate in the harvesting of their essential oils. The farms remain open all year round so visitors can walk through and see how their oils are made firsthand.

Many people look at their home grown standard as something negative but it isn’t. 

If the FDA won’t regulate the purity of essential oils then someone has too!

 Yes, they created the term “pure therapeutic grade” but they did this so  there was a standard of what pure means. They did not “buy” their term of purity like other companies…they CREATED a standard of purity. They have told everyone what that standards are and remain accountable to it, even almost 25 years later. 

Young Living is clear of what their standards of purity are. They don’t use pesticides, they do not add or take away any components to their oils. If you order a bottle of lemon oil, you will know that is only lemons. It take between 50 and 75 lemons to make 1 bottle of lemon oil. 

Young Living does not use chemical solvents to extract the aromatic compounds from their plants. They use the most gentle, natural way possible.  Young Living uses steam distillation or cold pressing techniques (depending on what the plant requires) to extract the essential oils which preserve the healthful components of the plant. 

The test the soil, air and water to make sure that nothing contaminates their plants.

Most of all…they listen to what their customers want. Recently, they’ve heard their all natural mascara was too dry…so what did they do…they reformulated it to make their customers happy. 

Young Living is the original company that made essential oils easily available to the public again. Many companies have tried to do the same but just cannot compare to the standards that Young Living has set. Other companies have adopted and paid to be called pure therapeutic grade but do not actually adhere to any rules of what that is. Young Living’s standard is called The Seed to Seal Promise.

Young Living's Seed to Seal Promise




Young Living has created The Seed to Seal Promise which consists of three parts.

1. Sourcing

2. Science

3. Standards

Sourcing ensures that all procedures and practices regarding the growth, maintenance, testing, bottling, farms and farming partners use ethical, pure and safe standards. All aspects of creating these oils must follow strict guidelines.

Science is the rigorous testing that Young Living’s essential oils must endure to be part of their product line. Young Living tests the oils in the field, at the company and AGAIN at a unbiased, outside, laboratory. All products go through multiple tests to make sure they have not been contaminated in any way.

Standards are the rules they have set for themselves on purity, ethical practices and global partnerships.

What are Essential Oils used for?

Essential oils are the swiss army knife of the natural world! You can use them to replace the toxins and poisons all throughout your home. 

Do you clean your house? Of course you do! Traditional cleaners contain harsh man made chemicals that can cause cancer…yeah cancer…cancer that first tortures then kills it’s victims. Other products like our detergents, soaps and beauty products contain deathly toxic ingredients. 

These toxins CREATE respiratory problems in an otherwise healthy person, like a small child who develops asthma or bronchitis out of no where. These chemicals kill brain cells when inhaled through the air. They cause men and women to be infertile or pass the incorrect amount of chromosomes to our babies causing diseases like Down Syndrom. It also can cause our babies to form birth defects in utero like cleft pallets, club feet and Spina Bifida. We consume toxins everyday that cause addiction and obesity. In the world today…it seems there is no way to escape this.

Remember...hind sight is always 20/20. Just because you may not see the results of toxic poisons right now...you will see them when you look back...whether now or in the future.


Essential Oils can clean your home and strengthen your families health at the same time! You never have to worry about hurting your family anymore if you clean with essential oils. You can make your own in just a few minutes or buy Thieves Cleaner (which is made of essential oils) from Young Living.

Do you like to have your home smell good? Of course you do! Essential Oils can eliminate odors and offer the benefits of real aromatherapy at the same time. Traditional odor eliminators are also full of carcinogens (cancer causing elements) which can causing respiratory diseases, sensory adaptation, headaches and even more. Not with essential oils.

Lotions, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, laundry detergents, massage oils; the possibilities are endless. You can replace almost all the toxins in your home with essential oils! 

You can make your whole life much healthier with just 1 simple step…replacing grocery store products with essential oils. Don’t buy things just because they’re cheap….buy things that will benefit your family because at the end of the day…your family is more important than money, isn’t it?

I felt so much guilt when my children would start coughing when I cleaned the bathroom.

My heart sank when I realized that the bottle of cleaner I used so often claimed to contain ingredients known to cause cancer and birth defects…I was pregnant when I read this.

My kids begged me to open the window when I would put an air freshener in the house because they were getting headaches. I couldn’t ever use air fresheners because of this.

I finally decided to do something, I couldn’t continue to knowingly bring my family harm anymore. My family deserves a safe, healthy life…yours does too.

Maybe you just signed up as a Young Living Member and you don’t know what to do with your essential oils. 

There is a solution.

The original DIY Essential Oil Starter Kit.

In this kit you will receive everything you need to start replacing toxic products in your home.

This DIY Starter Kit allows you to fully discover the universe of essential oils! You will have everything you need to get rid of those cancer causing products you buy at the store. 

Not only will you have everything you need, you will have recipes that cater to specific complaints. 

The best part? There is a DIY Starter Kit that fits anyone’s budget. Everyone should have access to better health for their family. Now you can. Give your family the healthier life they deserve. Give them the best you can. Act now.

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