Young Living Membership Options Explained

Image of one column that explains why a Young Living Wholesale Membership is better than a Young Living Retail Membership.

Where, Oh Where is Old Soul Mama?

Wholesale Customer AKA Independent Distributor

Pricing: 24% off retail prices.

Products: You can purchase all products that Young Living has to offer.

Essential Rewards Program: Yes, you earn a percentage of your purchase back every month PLUS discounted shipping rates AND free products! 

With Essential Rewards, you can purchase kits that are ONLY available to Essential Reward Program Members. These kits include The Ningxia Red Kit, The Everyday Essential Oils Kit and The Thieves Essential Rewards Kit. These kits are the most cost effective way to purchase Young Living’s most popular products.

Kits: All kits and essential oil collections are available for purchase as a Young Living Independant Distributor. These kits are the best value for those specific products because the prices have been significantly reduced as a thank you for Young Living. For example, The Premium Starter kit is a $300 value if you were to purchase the products individually. 

Making an Income: As a wholesale customer you have the option to earn a commission if you want. There is NEVER an obligation to sell Young Living period. In fact, 95% of wholesale members do not sell products, they just enjoy the discounted prices and rewards.

Fees: No fees, ever. You can cancel your membership at any time with no fees or penalties. You are free to stay a wholesale member or downgrade to a retail member. 

Events: You are invited to all special events that Young Living offers such as a yearly Convention, Lavender Day and other Farm Events.

Requirements: You are required to purchase a PREMIUM Starter Kit when you sign up. You are only required to make this one time purchase and then you are not obligated to purchase anything else and you are never obligated to sell anything…seriously…EVER. The Young Living Premium Starter Kit is an amazing value of $300 but only costs a mere $160 for the cheapest kit.

The great part about this is that Young Living was very thoughtful when they put this kit together. They included everything you need to not only LEARN the products yourself but share them with friends and family. There are hundreds of different things you could do with this ONE kit. This kit includes the most popular essential oils as well as a few samples of their other products. Remember…these products are Young Living’s most popular products for a reason.

Free Gifts from me: If you sign up through me with a Premium Starter Kit, you get a free diffuser necklace from me AND an exclusive New Members Kit, to help you learn HOW to use your Young Living Premium Starter Kit AND free one on one coaching if you decide to sell Young Living. I will help you grow your business and you can start saving money and contributing to your family’s finances right NOW. Just ask yourself…what would you do with an extra…$100 per month? $200 per month? What if you could replace your entire income?

You can sign up here

Retail Customer

Pricing: Full price on products.

Products: You can purchase all products except that which is for wholesale customers only, or those in the essential rewards program only such as The Ningxia Red Essential Rewards Kit, The Thieves Essential Rewards Kit and Young Living Premium Starter Kits. (Starter Kits are over a $300 value if bought individually as a retail customer.) These kits are highly discounted and only available to Independent Distributors (Wholesale Customers.)

Essential Rewards Program: Not available for retail customers.

Kits: Starter Kits are NOT available for Retail Customers. Essential Rewards Kits are NOT available to retail customers.

Rewards: None.


Making an Income: You are unable to resell Young Living.


Events: No, events are members only.


Free gift from me: N/A

You can sign up here.

When is a Young Living Retail Membership a Good Option?

Being a wholesale member is really the best option for most people, for anyone who even wants to just try a few products. The only time a retail membership would be the best choice is if you only intend on buying from Young Living one time only. 

If you even buy 2 products you are wasting money and missing out on great deals with a Young Living Retail Membership. 

Premium Starter Kit

image of young living premium starter kit with desert mist diffuser

If you already know you are ready to give your family a healthy life, can sign up right here!

When you sign up as a wholesale member you will be asked to purchase a Premium Starter kit. This kit has everything you need to SAVE money, become HEALTHY, get RESULTS, PROTECT your family and enjoy SAFE products! There are over hundreds different blends, recipes and items you can create with just this one kit. As a wholesale member you get a HUGE discount on these products as a little thank you from Young Living. You WILL save a lot money! As I stated above; It is worth $300 if you were to buy these products individually. You will fall in LOVE with this kit. This kit is only available to wholesale members, NOT retail members.

You will find that Young Living is the most generous company you will ever been apart of!

Your Premium Starter Kit includes:

Diffuser of your choice (Dewdrop, Aria, Desert Mist or Rainstone Diffuser)
Premium Essential Oils Collection;
Lavender 5-ml
Peppermint Vitality™ 5-ml
Lemon Vitality™ 5-ml
Copaiba Vitality™ 5-ml
Frankincense 5-ml
Thieves® Vitality™ 5-ml
Citrus Fresh™ 5-ml
Raven™ 5-ml
DiGize™ Vitality™ 5-ml
PanAway® 5-ml
Stress Away™ 5-ml
AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
Thieves Household Cleaner 1-oz. sample
10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards
10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles
2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples
Product Guide and Product Price List
Essential Oils Magazine
Essential Edge News
Member Resources

Why Should I Get The Starter Kit?

This kit has everything you need to replace nasty, toxic products in your home. What can you replace?

This kit offers you support for:

  • Immune System
  • Muscle Discomfort
  • Energy
  • Mental Clarity
  • Emotional Support
  • Digestive Support
  • Respiratory Support
  • Joint Support
  • Germ Support
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Travel Supplies
  • Antioxidant Supplements
  • Educational Information
  • Plus MORE!

If you went to the grocery store and had to buy these things…you would be spending way more and those products are full of toxic ingredients and fillers. Plus, you never know where or how those products are made. Young Living is transparent…completely. You always know they are safe for your family. 

Don't Forget!!
When you purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit through me you GET MORE FREE STUFF-

1. Free diffuser necklace
2. New Members Supply Kit
3. Invitations to EXCLUSIVE Facebook Groups, Young Living Groups
4. Eligable for Members Only-Contests, Giveaways and Promos
5. One on one help, education and coaching on how to use your oils and grow your Young Living business to it's highest potential.

You don't need to know ANYTHING about Essential Oils or Young Living to sign up. We will help you with everything! You have the potential to grow as big as you want with our group. Don't worry, you got this...and we will make sure!

What is The Essential Rewards Program? (ER)

What are the benefits of joining Young Living's Essential Rewards Program?

Essential Rewards is a hassle free, commitment free reward promgram. It’s just another way that Young Living generously gives free gifts to their customers! 

Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program is also known as ER Order, ER Program, Monthly Wellness Box or Monthly Subscription Box. They’re all just different names for the same thing. 

If you plan to use Young Living products more than one time, the Essential Rewards Program is a NO BRAINER. It’s the only way to save money.

Here is ONE way that the Essential Rewards Program will benefit you. When enroll in Essential Rewards, you will be given FREE GIFTS EVERY 3 months…

  • 3 MONTHS Gift (A Bottle of Peppermint Vitality 5ML)
  • 6 MONTHS (A Bottle of Thieves Vitality 5ML)
  • 9 MONTHS (A Bottle of Melaluca: Tea Tree 15ML)
  • 12 MONTHS (A Bottle of Loyalty 5ML. This oil is NOT available to anyone who hasn’t reached this milestone. It was created by D. Gary Young himself specifically for customers who have been so loyal to Young Living.)
  • AND FOREVER MORE earn free gifts every 3 months!


Here is the final way that Young Living generously gives to their members with the Essential Rewards Program. 

1. You earn 10% back on your purchases for the first 3 months.

2. You earn 20% back on your purchases from months 3-24.

3. You earn 25% back on your purchases from month 24 until FOREVER.

Yes, there is still more!!

As an Essential Rewards Member, you have the option of saving even more money on Young Living’s most sought after products…
There are special discounted kits only available to members on the Essential Rewards Program. These kits are greatly discounted and the cheapest way to get these products. 

These Kits Include-

The Everyday Essentials Oil Kit. This kit is a steal! It has all of the most popular Essential Oils. It is the next best thing besides The Premium Starter Kit.



Here is the highly coveted Ningxia Red Essential Rewards Kit-Only available to members on the Young Living Essential Rewards Program. This is the least expensive way to order Ningxia when calculated by price per ounce.


Lastly, we have the forever popular; Thieves Essential Rewards Kit. 

ER Program Reward Example for Months 1-3 (10% back)

 Last month I purchased 

1. Abundance Blend worth 38PV

2. Acceptance Blend worth 41PV

3. Aromaease Blend worth 35.75PV

That is a total of 116.75PV


That means I have earned 11.67 in PV points because I earn 10% back for the first 3 months of being a member. That means I have $11.67 I have to spend any time I want on any product I want.. It’s like “Young Living Cash.”

THERE’S MORE- Since I ordered at least 100 PV worth of product for my Essential Rewards I was given a free gift just because I ordered. My free gift was Lime Vitality Essential Oil. 

Let’s break that down a little…you only have to order 50pv to receive all of the benefits. The benefits are discounted shipping, earning up to 25% back on your purchases, being able to sell Young Living for a commission, and getting a free gift every 3 months.

If you order 100PV per month you get all of the benefits I just listed PLUS another free gift each month and when you sell Young Living you will receive 2 bonuses for each person you sign up.

Depending on how what threshold you hit, you will be given multiple free gifts each month.



FREE Gifts

Orange Vitality 5ML


$ It's Worth


PLUS (10PV points @10%)


Orange Vitality 5ML + Cypress 15ML+Citronella 15ML


$6+ $19.75+$20.00

= Total of  $45.75 of Free Products

PLUS (19PV points @10%)


Orange Vitality 5ML + Cypress 15ML+Citronella 15ML+Lavender 15Ml+Lemongrass 15ML


$6+ $19.75+$20.00+$24.25+$11.50

=$81.50 of Free Products

PLUS (25PV points @10%)


Orange Vitality 5ML + Cypress 15ML+Citronella 15ML+Lavender 15Ml+Lemongrass 15ML+M-Grain 15ML


$6+$19.75+$20.00+$24.25+$11.50+ $45.95

=$127.45 of Free Products

PLUS (30PV points @10%)


Orange Vitality 5ML + Cypress 15ML+Citronella 15ML+Lavender 15Ml+Lemongrass 15ML+M-Grain 15ML + Roman Chamomile


$6+$19.75+$20.00+$24.25+$11.50+ $45.95+$41.00

= $168.45 of FREE PRODUCTS

PLUS (40PV points @10%)

What's the Best Part of The Essential Rewards Program?

It really is commitment free! 

  • It does not cost anything to sign up. It is not a just a free trial. IT’S COMPLETELY FREE FOREVER!
  • You can cancel at anytime, no questions asked, no consequences or penalties. Just use your points first so you don’t lose them.
  • You can COMPLETELY customize it, every single month whatever you want(Unlike your typical subscription box)!
  • You can change your order until 12am the night before it ships. So, if I plan a 200pv order and then your car breaks down…you can change my order anytime until the day before. I maybe only want 50pv that month because of my car breaking down. 
  • You can choose what day it ships every month and you can also change it every month. Most people align their Essential Oil Rewards order with the day they get their paycheck. Maybe one month you want your order shipped on the 1st, then the next month you want it shipped on the 25th-YOU CAN!
  • You get discounted shipping, every time!
  • If you order consecutively, you get a bonus free gift every 3 months as well as your other free monthly gifts
  • At month 12 of consecutive Essential Rewards Orders you receive a FREE gift that ONLY people who have hit the 12 month mark get crafted personally by D. Gary Young himself. (D. Gary Young is the creator, founder and forefather of Young Living) 
  • You only need to order 50PV per month. It is very hard to ONLY order 50pv per month since you can use essential oils to replace everything in your home like dish soap, laundry soap, fabric softner, dryer sheets, air purifier, tooth paste and room sprays as well as boost your immune system and help relieve common complaints. You already buy these items, you might as well buy non toxic, all natural products…and you might as well buy them from Young Living and SAVE MONEY!
  • You get special offers that ONLY members in the Essential Rewards program get like the Ningxia Red Kit, The Thieves Cleaning Kit and The Everyday Essentials Kit!
  • Each order you make gives you pv points, those pv points are like FREE YOUNG LIVING MONEY. You can cash in your points anytime you want to pay for your order.

Essential Rewards Program Month by Month Example

January: Sign up for Young Living with the Premium Starter Kit and place my order of 100pv for the next month.

February: Recieve the Essential Rewards Order I created last month. I place my Essential Rewards order for next month of 100pv. 

March: I receive my Essential Rewards Order that I created last month. I place my Essential Rewards order for next month of 100pv.

April: I order my 100pv Essential Rewards Order. I am now able to use the points that I have saved up and get 30pv of free product (equal to $30) I also sign up 2 friends to be Young Living Members. I place my Essential Rewards order for next month.

May: I receive my Essential Rewards Order I created last month. I place my order for 100pv for next month. I also get a check in the mail because I signed up 2 people last month. For each person I signed up I get 2 bonuses. (That is 4 bonuses that Young Living wrote me a check for.)

June: I receive my order I created from last month. I create a new order for next month of 100pv. I get another check because the 2 people I signed up made their own Essential Rewards order.)

July: I make my 100pv order. I spend my PV points and get 20pv worth of free products this month in addition to my Essential Rewards Order. I also receive another check because my 2 people made their essential rewards order again.

This continues…

Imagine if you signed up more than 2 people what your income would be…
Imagine if you saved up your pv points for those 7 months…you could $700 worth of free products PLUS the promotional items you get each month. PV points expire 12 months after they’re earned.

Imagine if you not only bought the oils but you replaced your household cleaners, detergents, soaps, make up…your grocery store bill would go down. You would pay less on your grocery bill and get rewards for buying the same products you already buy from Young Living. I know you can see the possibilities I’m talking about.


Step 2:

Choose your Premium Starter Kit (Premium Starter Kit required to receive my free gift as well as essential rewards and the option of selling.)

Step 3:

Set up your Essential Rewards order for next month. Remember, you can cancel anytime with no penalties or fees. It is commitment free.

You can choose from the special Ningxia Red Kit, Thieves Cleaning Kit (only available to ER members) or customize your own order with any of the products that Young Living has to offer. 

Remember 50pv is the minimum but 100pv allows you to earn 2 bonuses for each friend you share it with! You can change it anytime before your shipping date.

This is how you can customize your monthly order.

screenshot of young living custom essential rewards order

Just Click Add Product

Scroll to the Bottom of the page...make sure you have 50PV or 100PV and click SAVE monthly order

screenshot on how to save monthly essential rewards order for young living

Add more products or complete enrollment

Last 2 steps; Enter Personal Information and Shipping Details

**Note; You do NOT have to enter your social security number at this time. The reason they do this is because if you earn more than $600 in commission then they will automatically withhold 28% of your income for tax purposes. 

Congratulations! You are on the road to a HEALTHIER life for you and your loved ones! As soon as your Young Living payment has been processed, your free gifts from me will be shipped to your address.

Do not forget to subscribe so you can get the latest information on essential oils and we can work one on one to help your family be healthier, SAVE money AND even make money while doing it!
-Old Soul Mama

What’s the next step?

It’s time to start learning all about essential oils so you can use them properly and show your friends and they can be healthier too! 

I have many great posts about essential oils that offer you everything you need to know.

I also offer a special DIY kit so you can discover how to start replacing the toxins in your home with safe, effective and all natural essential oil products.

Disclaimer: None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. Essential Oils and Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or illnesses. Read full disclaimer here.